Beechwood Writers’ Workshop is proud to announce its transformation into a one-on-one workshop. Due to an increased workload including a new job as a fitness trainer and blogger, and a book deal (score!) I’m no longer facilitating group workshops. Instead, I’ve been workshopping with individual clients and so far it’s been an incredibly valuable experience for all those who’ve taken part, including me.

Interested in editorial feedback? I am available to help. Schedule a one-on-one workshop and receive expert editorial guidance for your short story, essay or book-length manuscript. Email me at eliseamiller (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll get acquainted. Then, once you’re good to go, email me your work. I’ll spend a week with it and workshop it in detail—grammar, content, style, plot, structure, and more. We’ll meet over coffee (real or virtual) where you’ll receive a hard copy of your work with detailed markups, plus a typed page or two detailing what works and what can be improved. We can also talk business if publishing is your goal.

Check out the Rates page, email me with any questions and I look forward to hearing from you!

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